Sugopi maduri deva dasi

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My desire to cook, fulfilled.

This past time took place in 2001 March during Guntur temple opening. I served as a translator for interviews conducted for diksha disciples.After the service was over, I asked Madhavakanta prabhu to if I could help in Guru Dev's cooking service.But he told me it was not impossible because Guru Maharaj's residence was 4km away from the temple and to go up and down would be tedious. In the evening I received a call from his secratary saying "what kind of prayer did you do mataji? Paramata is pleased that you have now the service of cooking!" The reason was that due to the unavailability of tickets, most of the servants had to leave earlier than Guru Maharaja and hence they needed help with the cooking. I was very thrilled hearing this and thus got the opportunity to cooking breakfast, lunch and packed dinner prasdam for Guru Maharaj.

Sugopi maduri devi dasi