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My cancer survival

When I was in Atlanta, November 2019, I was preparing for Head and Neck Cancer treatment. I was already in stage four due to my searching for alternatives to chemo/ radiation treatment. Anyway surgery and immunotherapy were not options.Anyway, I knew I may die soon, still against all advice---from doctors who were pronouncing a death sentence upon me if I did not IMMEDIATELY go for chemo/radiation treatment, I decided anyway-- come what may-- to go see Guru Maharaja in Atlanta, driving from Moundsville, West Virginia.

I knew I had to get three things before potentially expiring from this planet, 1) the Charanamrita that washed his feet, 2) the Dust if his lotus feet and 3) the remnants or Mahaprasad off his transcendental plate. So I set out with these three goals in mind, although I only had a few days to secure all three items. ( I had the chemo/ radiation first treatment appointment scheduled for the 26th of November at the Mary Babbs Cancer treatment center in Morgantown WV. , So I had little time.) To make a long story short: I told Guru Maharaj of my disease and condition. He gave me a special blessing and said he was glad I came, which was against all odds. I might well add that my wife and I almost crashed three or four times due to tiredness and exhaustion while on the road.

Fortunately we made it and so I ended up receiving an entire plate of all the various Mahaprasada remnants, that his personal servants made just for me. I got the Dust from his lotus feet and I drank the water and poured it over my head that he was using to wash his hands. It was our last day and we attended a class Gurudev gave. Afterwards when he had just finished and was on his way out the door I told him that we were leaving and that I would be going to treatment soon.

He immediately stoped everything and said "give me my stick". Then he proceeded to bless me with that transcendental stick (magic wand) and subsequently proceeded to bless everyone else. So merciful! I even said to him while he was blessing me that " you need to beat me with that stick" so he immediately made a mock gesture by rising the stick up high in a threatening motion as if to strike me with it! Guru Maharaja is also very humorous. In those three days we engaged in a few intimate conversations as there were not many devotees there at the time. I was able to give him two personal greeting cards,, that I hand picked for beauty and the proper display of sentiment and a hand written letter revealing my mind and heart to him. All in all it was a wonderful experience. I beat the Cancer needless to say. ( Albeit I am still recovering from the many side effects).

Still I feel most blessed and saved by Guru Maharaja. After taking his remnants on that last night I was relieved of a constant pressure-pain that was in my head and sinuses. Also,in the hospital, where I stayed for two and a half months, during the first few days I had a vision of Guru dev sitting up looking at me in the dead of night as if to say, "I got you,although you were supposed to die tonight". So I am extremely indebted to Guru Maharaja for saving me, especially saving me from my bad habits and minimizing my overdue and well deserved karmic reactions.

Paul Pitts